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Was Thatcher’s Cabinet Anti-semetic?

On the eve of the Holocaust Memorial Day, Italy calls for Holocaust denial to be treated as a crime. Almost at the very same moment the United Nations adopts a resolution against denial. Read down the current news lists a … Continue reading

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Other side of Hogarth

As I look forward to the William Hogarth (1697-1764) temporary exhibition at Tate Britain this spring, I also reflect on the side of Hogarth that has been little applauded. Hogarth, best known for his prolific output on London life, sexuality … Continue reading

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Being a critic and the blogger’s revenge

In the Guardian Unlimited blog today (8th January 2007), Dorian Lynskey, the Guardian music writer, hits out at the 'web sphere' and the amateur critic that answers back in the blogs. Although Lynskey agrees that '…there is an appetite for … Continue reading

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