Giant of an Article on Europe’s Little People

To place such a creature as Silvio Berlusconi in charge of a major European economy is comical Photo: AP

HD had often noticed how small people make good comedians. Arthur Askey, Ant and Dec, Sid Little (of Large fame), Charlie Drake and so on….so he laughed a lot when this article appeared today(Sunday) adding Berlusconi and Sarkozy to this list of comedians …HD does not normally reprint newspaper stuff, but makes a tiny exception for this Telegraph piece.

‘God: an apology. Several weeks ago, I cited Mr Tony Blair as the finest evidence available to humanity that the deity, contrary to mainstream theological opinion, has an impish sense of humour. Following recent events in Europe, I apologise unreservedly for underestimating Him…’

It would be funny if it was not so serious. The world never relied so heavily on small comedian before, so it’s dangerous it has to rely on such tiny people for its economic success now!

Read the article, it’s so funny!


…and tell me, why do these dorks dye their hair so black it’s obvious it is out of the bottle? Argh yes, it’s Grecian 2000, but what good did the Greeks ever do for us?

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