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Bruges (Brugges) Triennale May 5th – September 19th 2018: LIQUID CITY

  As part of a planned trip to ‘Flander’s Fields’, I took some time out to look in on the opening week of the latest Bruges’ event, which gets underway, and I mean ‘gets’ in its most positive sense. There … Continue reading

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Rembembrance Day

This is the time of year when you want to remember all those that fell in wars, old and new. That gave their lives for ‘our tomorrows. Today I want to add a new name to that list, not because … Continue reading

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London2012: Synchro Ladies get Gold at European Championships

Looking bright for London2012 as Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow get the gold at the European Championships in Eindhoven, Netherlands. HD knows more about Eindhoven than Synchonised Diving, but always admires a winner! Watch out Tom Daley! Full report

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Giant of an Article on Europe’s Little People

HD had often noticed how small people make good comedians. Arthur Askey, Ant and Dec, Sid Little (of Large fame), Charlie Drake and so on….so he laughed a lot when this article appeared today(Sunday) adding Berlusconi and Sarkozy to this … Continue reading

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A few More Snaps…

These are from a visit to The Mani peninsula in Greece in 2003. If you ever wondered why Greece was having so many problems right now with their status at the EU you just need to visit the Peloponnese in … Continue reading

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Mystras, Byzantian Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece

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German Right on the rise Again!!!

Soon Germany will have to make a decision whether to stay in the Euro or not. Germany is getting economically strong again. A strength historians and others have said would cause security issues across the world again. Be afraid, very … Continue reading

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The veil and niqab controversy and the historical perspective

With france possibly on the verge of banning the wearing of niqabs in public and the UKIP calling for a ban over here in the UK, HD thought a republishing of this piece from 2006 was relevant:
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