Attack: This bus was destroyed by a bomber in Tavistock Square, London in 2005

It’s a bad start to the day when the news is of LOCOG charging for the ‘free’ tickets for survivors and the families of the victims of the July 7th bombings in 2005. OK so they are not charging the people themselves, but they are charging the taxpayer £221,000 according to the Mail report.


It seems a callous act to HD to even think of getting money back for the free tickets that the London mayor had promised them.


‘The GLA offered tickets to the families of the 52 people killed in the attacks and to 91 others who sustained ‘serious injuries’.  This was particularly poignant because the attacks on July 7, 2005, happened the day after the capital won its bid to host the Games…’

As a taxpayer, I am happy to foot this bill. If you have read from the start of HD’s journey you will know that the London bombings were the reason why he is a GAMESMAKER today. If I and 70000 others can do this for nothing (and may I add a lot of additional traveling costs as well) then an organization as big as LOCOG could forget their ticket receipts on this occasion. Shame on LOCOG’s men in suits and their innate greed!!!

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