Himmler forgeries set me thinking….

I have been reading the newspaper reports that the National Archives (Kew, UK) have forged documents. This is about Himmler being murdered on the orders of Churchill and the books by Martin Allen about the very same subject. Forgeries I'm sure [first exposed in 2005] but it means you cannot be sure of any document you uncover in the National Archives (NA). I have been through thousands of pages over several years and now wonder whether some of them were in fact forgeries. No reason to believe any were of course but that sort of thing makes one wonder about motives and who’s motives? Cannot discuss this particular case further due to legal reasons.
However, it is not a well known fact but a mere 25-30% of documents ever reach the NA. It's not that the other 70% are just too secret although some obviously are, it is more that they 1) cannot cope with the huge amount of potential paperwork for filing and 2) a civil servant (or 2..3…4) make the choice of what is sent to the NA for eventual public access. You may think that these civil servants are chosen for their innate historical or scholarly acumen. Think again! They are just nominated representatives of Government departments that collectively decide (after secrecy screening) what is ‘valued’ for release as a document for public inspection and what is not.
That which is not is then incinerated I believe. All that extra history up in smoke after 'censoring' by civil servants. I trust that all electronic records (email, etc.) will not go the same way.
Has undisclosed history been covered up by otherwise enthusiastic civil servants with hidden agendas?
“Yes Minister' I hear you say!

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