New Victorian Murder Book Launched This Week

After completing volumes one and two of the George Wombwell biography, I turned my attention to something which kept on appearing in search results as I worked on the biography. One such result was a News of The World report into this grizzly murder in the Essex Marshes. It seemed an open and shut case according to their report. The man Harrington, appearing at the inquest, held in a local pub in Tollesbury, was guilty all the way. However, I researched this case further and found that the murder was not that straightforward. It absorbed me into it so much I published this book as a consequence. Ideal Christmas present for those interested in Victorian crime and punishment.

In 1851 in the fishing village of Tollesbury on the Essex Marshes, a murder had been committed. The villagers thought they knew who did it and were looking for justice. The author looks at the evidence as it was reported in newspapers and in archived documents. Based on such evidence, the author reconstructs the events covering the murder, the inquest, the trial and the events that occurred after the trial. The murder is set against the background of the capital punishment reformist movement and describes how mid-century juries were influenced by their own moral and religious convictions.

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